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Big News From Angel

Try and keep up with the changes in Angel's life!

March 16, 2007

Q. Angel, its been months! Where've you been?

A. Busy! Work, school.. you know the deal!

Q. totally. So, anything new? Last time we talked, you were sort of sad about life. Are you doing better now?

A. Yeah, I've kinda bounced back! I started at a new school here in the city, and I've been sort of taking it easy.

Q. That's good. You're still studying special education, right?

A. Well, at this school its all different... I plan to study special ed teaching, but first I have to apply to the regular elementary ed program, do one semester there, and then apply to the special ed progran. Its supposed to be a harder program to get into.

Q. Good luck with that! Do you think you'll get in?

A. Hopefully! If not... I'll just switch schools again.

Q. Thats the ticket! Anything else new?

A. I got another new job! I work for Abrakadoodle. I'll be actually teaching an afterschool art program for kids!

Q. Awesome! Have you started yet?

A. I went once. LAst week I went just to observe and help out. This coming week I'll have training, and then I'll teach a class while someone else is with me, and then after that I'll be on my own!

Q. That sounds like something you'd really love doing!

A. I also am taking a painting class at school, which I really love! I'm going to take up oil painting as my newest hobby!

Q. Have you painted a lot of things?

A. I did a really good painting of my dog! I'll post it at the bottom of this page.

Q. You're always up to something, aren't you?

A. I sure am! Look, my dad wants to use the computer now, so I better go.

Q. Alright, well, keep on keepin' on!

A. Of course!

ATTENTION! I have recently finished writing my first "real" novel, entitled Skye Blue. I have been trying to submit it to five agents and five publishers each week. In the mean time, I am looking for people who would like to get a sneak preview of the manuscript and tell me what they think, including pointing out any inconsistencies, mistakes, etc. This is NOT a paid job of any kind... Remember, I am POOR! But if you like to read, this is a chance to read something that has not yet been published, and possibly help it out! If you would like to help, e-mail me at , and I will then e-mail you the file. (Printing a copy of it and mailing it is expensive, so I'd rather just send an "e-book" version!) Thank you very much! I will keep everyone updated on how my progress goes!

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