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Poems by Angel

I am taking a Creative Writing class in school right now. It turns out that the first half of the class is a total repeat of the Poetry 101 class I took in summer school! Anyway, with all this poetry I've been forced to crank out at an unnatural speed, I thought I should share some with you!

(Loss or Regret Poem)


Missing A Ghost

Was there ever a you who

Carried a gun

Hung with the Disciples

Spoke in Italian with a

Thin black cherry cigar hanging from the

Corner of your mouth?


Was there ever a you who

Rode a motorcycle but

Got hit by a car and

Broke both your legs

Sued the pants off the driver and

Became a millionaire but

Blew it all on cocaine after you

Got rehabbed and decided

To be a physical therapist for children or

Was it that you were only

doing community service for the

time when you shot a Naperville



Was there ever a you who

had two children that you

raised from birth until their

mother took them away and you

promised I would meet them



Was there ever a you who

rescued me from the streets like a

lost little puppy and got me

Taco Bell where you promised we’d be

brother and sister and stick

together forever

like macaroni and cheese

or was it only a dream?


Was there ever a you who

got the nickname of “Ghost” cause you

were the only white guy in the hood

or was it really because

you never existed

at all?


I still call you my brother

Do you still say I’m your sister

Or did you forget me like

Jamie and Brian or

were they only the figments of

your imagination

and would that mean that I’m a ghost too?


Will you always show up in my

poems and my stories as

Villains and heroes or

will I forget you

and will I regret you someday?


























Roll with the punches.

You know who you are.

He can try like the devil

but he can’t break your heart.


Ain’t you a brave soul…

Poured his liquor down the sink.

What will happen when he finds out

you wasted that drink?

You can lie about the bruises.

You can say that you fell.

If your friends guess the truth

you’ll still never tell.


You write to “Dear Abby”…

Go to church and you pray.

Pack up your shit but

he knows that you’ll stay.

So just turn up the music.

You smile and you sing.

Try not to think of

what this night will bring.


Just roll with the punches.

Don’t let yourself cry.

He’ll break your bones and your heart

but you probably won’t die.







If I were a dog you might shed tears,

but instead I am roadkill.

A joke

A nuisance

A piece of trash to be disposed of.

Once I was considered

a creator, a teacher, a keeper

of magic.

But a coyote has no value in this

cement world you have built for yourselves.

I’ve grown used to you.

I’ve adjusted to your world.
I do not hunt at dawn and dusk as my ancestors did

but at night

to avoid those predators who hunt unfairly

with guns.

Those before me had endless acres of

hills and forests as their home.

You’ve left me only with tiny patches of woods

as you spread your world over mine.

I do not complain.

I’ve survived.


But I am no match for your metal monsters

that come raging through your world

faster than any animal could run

crushing the bones of whatever gets in the way

never stopping to eat it’s meat or

save it’s pelt.

Leaving it to rot

and be run over


and again.


I am a coyote.
I am strong, cunning, beautiful and swift.

I am a creator, a teacher, a keeper

of magic.

My howl can send chills down your spine.

And now I am nothing.

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