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As you may know, I am an aspiring author and I self-publish my own books! I have decided to start writing some books for kids. On this page, you can look at the books I've written so far!

Danny, Danny, Superstar is a story about an 8-year-old boy named Danny. He loves doing jigsaw puzzles and playing with his dog Buttercup, and he hates his sister's noisy friends. And, he has autism. Danny is excited when he finds out that his class is going to be in the school's talent show! But the class runs into all sorts of problems, while trying to get ready for the show. Will they be ready for the talent show in time? Danny sure hopes so... because he has a special part!  CLICK HERE TO BUY THIS BOOK!

Coming soon... Be Brave, Danny!  Danny and his classmates are back, and this time they're going with another class on a field trip! But what happens when Danny gets lost?

Just for kids (and kids at heart!)