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Dear everyone,
    My name is Angel and I am a grown up. But I take care of kids a lot. I am going to college to become a teacher, and I also have a job taking care of kids who have special needs.
     I have another website called Angel's Place, which has a lot of stuff about how grownups can help keep kids safe int he world. But that site is a little boring for kids, so I decided to make a site JUST for kids! This site is special because everything here is meant to help kids have fun and be safe, whether they are on the internet, or out in the real world.  You can click anywhere you want to on this whole site. It's all for you!
     I hope you like it and come back to visit many more times!
With love,
From Angel



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St. Patricks Day Animations

Good work! You're so close to the end! Now all you gotta do is go to Angel's Holiday Page and follow the directions there!




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This site is dedicated to the kids in my life... My nephew  Brandon and niece Abby, my little cousins Kaylie and Luke, Brandon's other aunties Megan and Sarah, my little buddies Melissa and Maggie, and of course Joey T

Just for kids (and kids at heart!)